Brad Anderson, Health RHYTHMS and Beat the Odds Trained Facilitator.


Health RHYTHMS drumming enables participants to create music in the moment.
Health RHYTHMS drum circle participants are encouraged to find their own personal rhythm without the anxieties associated with performance.

Health RHYTHMS is suitable for all populations and requires no prior experience.

Group drumming enables participants to contribute immediately, providing a transcendent experience that exceeds perceived limitations.

Just a few of the benefits of group drumming include relief from stress, increased mental stimulation, a sense of creativity, light physical activity, and increased social connection within the group.
Health RHYTHMS is supported by peer reviewed research that proves conclusively that there exists a link between group drumming and wellness. 

While Health RHYTHMS is not a substitute for conventional medical care, it can be a complementary strategy that can be incorporated into one's own quest for health and wellness.

Please contact trained facilitator Brad Anderson for more information about how you may enjoy the benefits of Health RHYTHMS.

(818) 800-2611

The scheduling of events for 2018 is now underway. Details follow on page 2.
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