Brad Anderson, Health RHYTHMS and Beat the Odds Trained Facilitator.



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              Health RHYTHMS  Drumming in Senior Residential Communities

Many of my current clients are senior residential communities in Southern California. I currently facilitate for groups of independent residents, assisted living residents, and residents in memory care units. Drumming with members of this population has proven beyond doubt how effective recreational music making can be for seniors. Group drumming is the key.  Activities that can be shared by an entire group enhance a sense of community. The fact that Health RHYTHMS is inclusive for all levels of participation insures that every resident will feel as though they are able to contribute to the group.
Additional benefits include light physical exercise and stress relief.
To view research related to Health RHYTHMS, please visit:  www.remo.com/healthrhythms.

If you have questions regarding Health RHYTHMS drumming within the context of senior residential living, please call so that we can set up an appointment to discuss the various options available.

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