Brad Anderson, Health RHYTHMS and Beat the Odds Trained Facilitator.



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                              Sylmar Community Health and Wellness Center

                 The newly formed center is based at Church of the Foothills in Sylmar, California. The address is 13425 Glenoaks Blvd. Our first and second Health RHYTHMS drumming sessions took place  on Friday, January 27 and Friday, February 24 in 2012. Below, you may read comments from surveys taken after our first two sessions. All comments are used only with permission from the participants.

"This was a very enjoyable experience. I would love to do it again."  E.Z.   1-27-12                                                                                                             
"This is new for me. Really fun, amazing! Thank you."     H.V.    1-27-12
"I didn't know what to expect-don't play an instrument,etc, and I had such a great time.I'm still fairly shy even at my age, and was able to let that go and get my feet wet with the drums and other instruments. Very relaxing."  M.M-R.   1-27-12  
"This is my 2nd Health RHYTHMS session.I'd come again and again. Fun, stress releasing, invigorating, and peaceful all at the same time."   S.W.    1-27-12
"As always, re energizing and spiritually and emotionally healing.Thank you."  C.C.  1-27-12
"I didn't know what to expect. Was a little apprehensive(self conscious). The process made me very comfortable."      B.W.  1-27-12
"It was fun, laughed a lot. Releasing lots of stress."  K.H.    2-24-12

"Very invigorating! Kept my interest the entire session. Would invite others to this."
                                                                                                                        J.T.    2-24-12
"Amazing experience. Can't wait to come back again."    P.C.   2-24-12

"I enjoyed the freedom to play what I felt."         R.R.  2-24-12

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